XI – Midsummer

A super fast update:

I have been finishing off my first Nobz squad. Oh, I love them Nobz. They will be completely finished after I get that banner done. But those checkers take a serious amount of time. But at least one side is almost finished.


After several recounts I have also established that with the addition of one box of Nobz I would have three units. A black, a red and a blue. That sounds good doesn’t it? Now they just need some wheelz!

The themed for the last week has been ebay. Man, there’s alot of good deals on ebay. And it is addictive. A friend has in a few weeks, and for a little amount of cash gathered a decent sized Bretonnian force. (Not that this guy needs more fantasy armies – he’s close to having all of them (and a separate one for each chaos god)). Check out what he’s been up to at spyrer on wordpress.com.

In related news: On my desk these guys appeared.
That would be two 1989 Bob Olley Weirdboyz. That is miniatures full with character. An epitome of the Ork crazyness – a heckler and a witch doctor.

The challenge of painting those Boar Boyz is not going very well. I am finishing (just another banner to go) my plastic white lion unit. I suspect that will be the next update. Quite soon I expect. Also a group of 10 Archers, or Glade Guards actually. Failing this challenge (if I don’t finish it the next tenday) is not good as I already has the next challenge at hand: painting my entire unit of 35 Maiden Guard, to the standard I want, by the end of August. *gulp* Not to mention there is beer at stake…


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