X – Leucius

The second tactical squad – Tactical Squad Leucius – has been finished. During the process I have also decided on a basing scheme. My Dark Angels will be based in the same way as my Orks, in dark blueish gray colours. This is to tie the together with the gaming board I have been planning for a while.

See, many friends with whom I regularly play have finished their Master’s Degrees and it is not certain if they all can get a position to work on their doctorates. Other friends will finish their Doctor’s Degrees. That means that the seminar room battles will not necessarily go on for many more years. Exterminatus. The solution is therefore to make a gaming board of my own. But more of that later.


The Tactical Squad also has ignited my inspiration to expand my Dark Angels. With that inspiration several other hobby conundrums have been faced with.

One is whether I want to go Death-, Raven-, Green-, or Mixed wing. The answer seems to be either Mixed or Ravenwing, but I will begin by expanding my Ravenwing. I like fast armies and the thematics and strategic challenge Ravenwing intrigues me.

Another is what the colour scheme for my Ravenwing should be. Black so that they look like Ravenwing. Like my other Brothers of Caliban? But the Deathwing is already other than the tacticals. One other option, thanks to the goblin player who gave me this idea, would be to extract the green from the Brothers of Caliban and put it on the bikers. As the yellow on the Brothers of Caliban would make Deathwing. This lead me to a very Disciples of Caliban like colour scheme. Stealthy, yet slightly different.

But the biggest hobby conundrum of the past few weeks has been the Big question –  When is an army too big? I have been asking around a bit and I got a few answers.

One said ‘an army is too big when you have units you don’t field in every game’. I don’t think I agree with this. Especially in small gaming groups the potential to play two different enough lists, with the same Codex or Armybook, to demand that the opponent can counter either is very good. This reduces the amount of tailoring that opponent can when facing you.

Another answer is that ‘a too big army is when you can field multiples of almost every choice in the Codex’. Another answer countered this by saying, ‘a good size of an army is when you have so many different units that you can construct a good list even after the codex/armybook got an overhaul’. Now it’s getting trickier – I think the first can be answered with the same statement as the one above. But the peak point is getting to be quite close to second statement here.

A person on Warseer said that ‘an army is too large when it affects one’s personal life to the extent that it causes a divorce or other personal iconveniences.

I am now around 6000 points with three armies High Elves, Skaven and Orks. With Orks Apocalypse let’s one field these all at once and my gaming group occasionally sets up mega games in fantasy. But as I am playing with the thoughts of large Vampire Counts and Dark Angels armies I getting uncomfortable. But I still want to paint new miniatures… Should I stop getting new units to these armies? Should I add to my small armies instead? Is having several small armies better than having a few big ones? Is that fourth Boyz unit too much, or painting up the new plastic Stormvermin?

For now I will follow my inspiration.


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