IX – Evidence

Soon after I turned into an active warhammerist, sometimes around 2007-2008, my studying mate got into it too. I had already gone through the pick-an-army-process, so it was very interesting to follow up close. His choice was Beastmen, something I envied to be honest. (How awesome aren’t goat men running around in the forest springing ambushes and pillaging to their earnest?) Unfortunately they are not quite on par, and haven’t been for a while, with the other forces around. And at times the uphill struggle can be seen and felt. In spite of that one can always expect a great game with this guy, a good sportsman as he is, and never be let down. It is also a good opportunity to pick the more fun choices when choosing your own army.

Also, to make sure to get things straight, it is not a walk in the park playing against the Beastly hordes of Steve the Minotaur. Kudos.

These  difficulties has led to that an Ultramarines force, started later, along with an allied contigent Vostroyans are painted. But few Beastmen are. The fellow in question is very neat in all he does. And has sworn to field only painted miniatures in Warhammer 40k. Nine times out of ten he is true to this vow. It is also clear that he dislikes that his Beastmen are unpainted.

Painted miniatures outperform unpainted they say. I tremble in secret.

Another mate of mine has assembled a night goblin horde. He fields two hordes of one hundred night goblins each, a smaller, but not small, block of night goblins that serve as his command centre, and a horde of 40 savage orcs.  He is steadily painting through these.

Together they usually have started making vows to complete certain parts of their forces. Last month it was to complete a cavalry model. This month I am unsure what they have vowed, but I think I will ask around next week. I saw an opportunity to half tag along, sort of eddying in their creativity. Last month I wanted to try to finish my Snakebite Boar boys – the piggies are finished a long time ago. I failed. But I did get started on them, so that’s something at least.

This month I vowed to finish 13 Archers that have been staring at me for a while, almost finished but not quite. Left was the details on their tunics, the gems, and the last highlights on the gold. Plus of course the basing. Now I can say I did it:

DSCF2081 DSCF2083 DSCF2084 DSCF2085
So, now only the command group is left before I have my first horde of 32 Archers done… Wonder what long hanging project I should try to finish next.

Vowing is a very good way to get things done. Perhaps with these friends help I can get my stripped high elf force up and running again?


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