VII – Stormboyz and Grotz

So I finally managed to finish half my Stormboyz after a few years, a few attempts and a few paint removals. The first attempt failed because of this crazy colour orks I was doing. As an idea and concept I still hold on to parts of. Orks should be fun, orks should be crazy, but painting each member in different colour jackets and pants does not work. Something should at least be in common for each squad member. This I found out to be especially true for Stormboys as the models have loads of detail everywhere. Using crazy colours only makes the model restless and chaotic. The effect is proportional to the amount of colours you use.

But one model was orangey, and I liked it, so the colour stuck. Here is the few first:
stormboyz stormboyz1

Also, the last nine grotz in the plastic squad were finished on a paint-together evening. Now there’s only that pewter old school left to do. *sigh*

grotgroup2 grotgroup1 DSCF1663 DSCF1662


2 responses to “VII – Stormboyz and Grotz

    • Thank you. Love these small buggers. I wanted a natural look on my greenskins, so I blend knarloc green up to camo green. It will be interesting to see if I can manage it with the new paints though. 🙂

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