VI – The First of the Legion

I present to you: the first two painted squads of my Dark Angels. They are painted, but I am still uncertain on how I should base them. I was looking for something different to what we have in my gaming group, and something different to what I have previously done. So I decided to try out Mars-like desert bases. Obviously some contrast is still needed, and more texture. This could be done by using grass tufts and cork.

First of all Deathwing Squad Fortunatus:

termie2 termie3
They are still a bit glossy as are those below. This will be fixed by some matt varnish after basing.

And also Tactical Squad Eusebios:
tactical2 tactical1
Constructive C&C – especially regarding the basing, is welcome.

After all these years of Orks and only Orks I find Space Marines rather boring. The amount of character that Orks have are just far and beyond these genetically engineered super-soldiers of mankind. Of all thes chapters available I do enjoy the Angels of Death most. And I am still torn between Dark Angels and Blood Angels. It is still quite fun to field such a different army compared to Orks.

I am also rather uncertain where I will go with this army. The obvious choices would be to do pure Deathwing or Ravenwing armies. Ravenwing compare with the Speed Freakz to heavily, despite being sligtly more attractive in my eyes, Deathwing again seems too flawed (with few models AND low mobility). Greentide Dark Angels is also outcompeted. Luckily there is no hurry, especially when there is a new High Elf release in the horizon…


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