V – Painting progress

My high ambitions to maintain a blog did not take me very far. Two posts in two months. That is quite bad. I shall toss some blame about – I am without a computer because my 6 year old lost it’s electron pump (battery) to old age and the camera I have been regularly borrowing is also half-batterized. There is also this recent story of me taking my 3 day old computer on a day trip to the university for a Ubuntu installation, and the part where I am slipping and killing it by accidentally sitting on it. I am such a troll (in the “death by sitting” meaning of the term, not the “speaker of falsehood” meaning of the term).

Short update to keep myself in the game. Been painting quite alot, pictures will be up shortly – Alarielle is done, as is a reference Maiden. 10 Stormboyz are also done. Dakkajet is quite close to being finished. Deathwing termies are still waiting to show themselves.

Yesterday, I got a game in the Crusade of Fire against the Imperial player. My role was as a neutral player defending some ancient location. There are quite a few around, giving the first to claim them a very good bonus for the rest of the campaign. An example could be a 4++ save for the bearer and his unit – *awesome*.


This  scenario was a kill point mission, as the neutral player I got to choose the terrain set-up and I also was relieved of a force organisation chart. If no HQ was chosen another non-vehicle model would be my warlord. The deployment zones were on the short edges.

My force was this:

Interrogator-Chaplain with the Mace of Reliqueness, Terminator armour, combi-flamer.
7 Deathwing Termies, Assault Cannon, Chainfist, 2 Thunderhammers and Storm shields.

2*30 Shootaboys, with Nobs and bosspoles, one with a powerklaw, the other with a big choppa.

8 Loota Boys

2 Dakkajets

2 looted wagons with boomguns

The imperials showed up with:

2 Ten man tacticals, Vet. sarges, Heavy weapons and plasma guns.

2 Devastator Squads (las, las, missile, missile & missile, missile, plasma, plasma)

A Smurf artillery piece

A termy captain

Another Warlord Company Master

Imperial Psyker

Command Squad

30-40 Guardsmen in a blob (termie captain goes here)

3 mortar teams….

I set up terrain so that he was bottle necked in the middle havin enough firepower to force him towards me, surprising him as my orks are usually the ones doing the assaulting. Several mysterious pools were spread about. The first turn nightfighting prevented any long range damage turn one. Exept for the command squad lascannon snap shooting at a boomwagon and causing a penetrating hit despite a 2+ cover (medal awarded).

Turn 2 saw the arrival of Deathwing and Dakkajets. Dakkajets saw to the near destruction of a Devastator squad (as an afterthought: should have destroyed it utterly). The blob keeps advancing forward. Deathwing arrived to the bottleneck. Statistically I expected 4 of them to die, still maintaining enough power to assault next turn. With little effort only my chaplain was left. The guardsmen shot as if with BS4 and wounding as if toting S4 shooters, and armour saves weren’t too good from my part. Well, I was still doing decently.

Next: Dakkajets waaagh!-shot at the other Devastator squad and the other at the artillery. Artillery was gone. One dev with missile left. Should have killed that properly dead too. Despite them being in the middle of the enemy army I thought they would be safe. Then two tactical squads shoots at the dakkajets. Taking them both down, with a decent marginal, despite hitting on 6es. Medals to the plasma gunners all hitting! That was not good. Not good at all. I expected one of them to survive. Should I have had them fly out from the table? Do not know. Still he was running towards me. And I moved backward. This was the last nail in my coffin I should have assaulted!

Towards the end I took two more victory points but the Imperial forces were still ahead. Had I run forward with my boys one turn earlier I could have scored Line Breaker tieing the game, and denying him the boon. Also I probably would have scored a few VP:s in assaults. Bitter.


But the game was really fun. And despite I only used about 1100 (chappy + 60 boys) pts of my 1600 pts army I effectively shoot him to pieces. Great fun!

What the campaign master has done with the “Neutral player”-role is interesting. Being allowed to ignore codexes and FoC:s the neutral player has the potential to do really nasty things. If in this game I would have fielded only heldrakes (if I had the models) the effect would have been devastating. In the, so far, few neutral player games we have always taken the soft way. As a result the games have been tightly fought and different enough to remember and challenge. But never very cheesy. In another venue the result would be quite different. Let’s hope this does not change.


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