IV-Hobby dreams

Last friday a good friend of mine called and asked if I would have time for something. “It depends on how much you’re asking for?”, I replied, as I was in the middle of a day at the University finishing up an assignment with an incoming deadline lurking in the near horizon. “We should take a trip to the post office. I just got a delivery notice and I haven’t ordered anything, it seems as if your minitures have arrived.” At this time I was pretty surprised, I had no idea the miniatures in question were even sent. Excited I agreed, as a small road trip could prove a nice break and I had my mate’s car keys and a bunch of miniatures of his. And thus I went to pick up a dream come true. A dream I’d longed for for a full ten years.

See, a few weeks before I was idly perusing the unknown secrets of ebay. This forementioned friend of mine is a regular shopper there and he also has a very distinct taste in old miniatures. These days he is a proud owner of a decent sized old school plaguebearer unit, as well as a ten man unit of marauder Dark Elf Crossbowmen and a Sorceress whichare the minis I had washed for him earlier in the week. As it was I found a seller offering 35 High Elf Maiden Guards with Alarielle! Wow. In blisters most of them! With a little nudge from this friend, and help from his credit card I ended up not only bidding on them, but also winning the bid!

maid2 maid1

When I started collecting and painting these were still on sale, but you had to order them directly from GW. I even sent the customer service a slightly lost email asking on if there was any place I could get them from here in Finland. Apparently it was somewhere, but I did not know where, and they were so expensive for me then that I did not find it worth it to try to get hold of them. I mean, did not even own a spearmen unit then.

But now my longest hobby dream is coming true, with a little help from my friends. Now I just have to get to painting them.

maid3 maid4


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