II – Ork Town

The last few weeks my little gaming group has been all about terrain. When actively starting to play six years ago the gaming group had very little terrain. A few trees made from Styrofoam painted green which used to roll around on the table every time they got a little nudge, and a couple of hills. This was because the group was basically only two guys playing every once in a while at the physics department. One the guys had a collection back home where he played with his brothers more regularly, and the other found himself at their place.

DSCF1632 DSCF1630
Soon after I joined a few other friends joined the hobby, and the need for better terrain grew. There is still not many of us, but we do try to get a game in as often as the real life permits. Now a few years later we have quite a collection of terrain. There is always room for improvement, but even the random terrain generation table in Warhammer proves troublesome first when there is need for a fifth forest. The Styrofoam ones have retired.

Close quarter firefights in a city milieu in 40k is still an issue though. Especially those multi-floor buildings and ruins that block line of sight for each other while creating lines of fire are few. One of my mates have made a few ones from old plastic sprue, plainly gluing them together and painting them after adding metal sheets and roofs from card, very simple and effective. The last week another one took out his half-forgotten Cities of Death Basilica Administratum kit and assembled it. He is already talking about adding another one for some module fun.

My inspiration was found in Citadels -How to make wargames terrain from 1996. Those old books by Games Workshop are of great quality. They suggested that each player themes the terrain he makes to the armies he plays. A very good advice indeed as this ties the gaming board to the parties involved. And if you emigrate to another area, such is the case still. My take on this terrain frenzy is an old plastic model truck kit I got as a kid but only assembled in part. I play Orks in Warhammer 40.000 and so it was easy to figure out what to do with it. The Orks have managed to salvage an supply trasnport. And thus it turned into some battlefield debris. This piece fitted together with another terrain piece I’ve made earlier – an effigy of Gork (or possibly Mork).

DSCF1631 DSCF1629

As I gathered speed soon some other old mud huts I built, but never painted, got a slab of color. And whoosh. Soon the set of walls and fences the group bought years ago got painted too. Now let’s see if this inspires my friends to make some more terrain.

Have you made some terrain recently? What is your take on terrain on the gaming board?


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